Results of the contest “Green mobility – how do you see it?”

Results of the contest “Green mobility – how do you see it?”

The goal of the artistic competition „Green mobility – how do you see it?“ was to attract the interest of children and young people in alternative modes of transport around the city and to focus their attention on improving the quality of environment they move and live in. The winners were announced on the award ceremony held on 12 November in the atrium of the Slovak Ministry of Environment. The pupils received prizes from Vojtech Ferencz, State Secretary of Ministry of Environment and from Marcel Lauko, Director of Energy Centre Bratislava.

42 drawings and art works by primary school students and one photograph were applied into the contest. The most successful was Marián Ferenc, student from special school Nevädzová in Bratislava, with the drawing titled “Bubliňák”. Second place was awarded to Eva Poláková for the drawing titled “Cyklista” and to Hana Nováková for the drawing called “Bratislava budúcnosti”. Third place went to Peter Rigo for the artwork “Ekokolobežkovo” and to Vanesa Keszeghová for the drawing titled “Zelená ulica”. A special prize was awarded to Natália Dudášová, who has drawn a piece called “Autobusom do prírody”. The award for photography was received by Alan Lipa from the elementary school on Nobelova street for a picture titled “Priorita električiek”.

Vojtech Ferencz, State secretary of the Ministry of Environment (on the left) and Marcel Lauko, director of Energy Centre Bratislava together with award winning children.

The competition was announced during European mobility week in September 2013 at the end of discussion titled “2013 – the year of clean air”. The contest was part of the UNDP/GEF project Sustainable mobility in Bratislava.

Zdroj: press release of Slovak Ministry if Environment