Car-sharing case studies

Bremen: Car-sharing since 1990

The city of Bremen is a harbor city in northern Germany with approximately half a million inhabitants. The city is known for its initiatives for residents in the area of effective environmentally friendly transport.

Since car-sharing has been introduced, 1500 cars “disappeared” from the streets of Bremen. The city aims to achieve 4500 cars (and more) by 2020.

Car-sharing represents an essential part of these strategies. It has a national state certificate for ecological service and is operated by a private company. There are currently (spring 2012) around 170 car-sharing vehicles in Bremen. They are distributed at 46 stations throughout the city. This way, 7250 car-sharing scheme users removed more than 1500 private vehicles from the streets of Bremen.
This is a significant benefit, especially for the streets in the city center, where space is very limited. The utilization of this public space for the building of an underground parking garage for 1500 cars would require an investment of 25 to 50 mil. EUR.

Advertisement on Bremen trams: “Always the right vehicle” points out, that public transport, cycling and car-sharing are complementary.

Brussels: Partnership with public transport operator 

The European Capital along with two Belgian regions (Flanders and Wallonia) introduced a car-sharing service in 2003. They borrowed Bremen’s more than 10 years of experience when introducing the system.

What do Belgian users say about car-sharing?

“I did not need a car every day and cambio was the perfect solution. Owning a car was too expensive. I don’t understand why this service is not used by more people”, Mathieu Dupont, Brussels (customer since 2006)

Car-sharing uses the latest on the market available cars with lowest consumption.

“I use cambio especially when I need to get to my concerts. There are usually not good train connections in the evenings and cambio is the most convenient solution. In addition, from-time-to-time I need a larger car to transport things for the performance. I can rent a bigger car with the cambio service and it is always cheaper than owning a private car.” Wannes Cappelle, musician, Antwerp (customer since 2007)

“For a long time we had two cars in the family, which we later limited to one car and since we use the cambio services we do not own any car. We use the car-sharing system mainly for short travels, for longer we prefer to use the public transport, but sometimes we combine public transport with a car from cambio. When we go to visit our family, we travel by train to Turnhout and from there take a cambio car.” Frank Bombek, Gent, customer since 2004 (one of the first cambio customers in Flanders)

“I use cambio mainly to save money. But since I became a user of the car-sharing scheme I think more about whether or not to use the car at all. For example, last Sunday I went with my son to his scouts meeting by bicycle, even though it rained. Before car-sharing I would have driven the car.” Franky Van Buggenhout, Leuven (customer since 2006)