The tram transport represents the most efficient means of public transport. Since the average traveling speed has decreased from 20 km/h in 1998 to about 15km/h in 2007, the time needed to travel by tram to the city center has extended.

The objective of this component is to:

1/ identify priority intersections on Vajnorská and Račianska corridors - an international expert has assessed the situation on the two corridors in detail during his first visit to Bratislava, which resulted in Report no. 1 – Analysis of the current situation on the Vajnorská and Račianska corridors. In cooperation with the Municipality, Bratislava Transport Company and local experts intersections were selected, where a simple change in organization can make the crossing of trams more effective. Intersections, for which a computer simulation is planned, were also selected. Based on results from this simulation, measures for these intersections will be proposed.

2/ revise information available for each intersection - took place in cooperation with the Municipality, police and local experts

3/ propose new programs for the traffic lights management in selected intersections on said corridors, which would be implemented in the form of pilot projects -
in solution

Results of the solution of component Priority of tram transportation on Vajnorská and Račianska corridors