The first component of the project is devoted to the developing a new parking strategy. The aim is to reduce the number of cars driven daily to the city center, which park close to the location of vehicle owners’ work for eight hours or more.

1/ Feasibility study - in the beginning of June 2011, during his first stay in Bratislava, the international expert has assessed the situation in the city based on meetings with relevant stakeholders and by visiting the city districts, which have the biggest problems with parking. The results are shown in Report no.1 – Bratislava Urban Parking Strategy – Analysis of the current situation

2/ Analysis of existing legislation – run in cooperation with local experts

3/ Detailed proposal of changes to legislation at the local, regional and national level -  run in cooperation with the Municipality, SPA, BPS and local experts

4/ Proposal for a new parking strategy

5/ Pilot project under the new (adopted) strategy

In connection with the solution of this part of the project we select:

Debate aired on TV Bratislava:

Listen to a show aired on 17 May 2012 on the radio station Regina: Bratislava considers new approaches to relieve traffic:

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