Experts on sustainable mobility: The best car for a company is a shared car

Why should companies be motivated to make their vehicle fleet more effective and how can they entice the employees to use alternative methods of transportation? These were the questions answered by experts on sustainable mobility – Michael Glotz Richter and Bonnie Fenton – who attended the first of a series of fall workshops held on 25th of September 2013 in Bratislava and organized by Business Leaders Forum and the Pontis Foundation in cooperation with the Global Environmental Fund ...

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Bratislava wants to launch new parking rules as soon as possible

Bratislava, 24th September 2013 – The quality of air and lack of parking spaces are problems that trouble the citizens off all major Slovak cities. In Bratislava, where CO2 emissions from cars grow by 5% a year, the situation is more than critical. Introduction of a single parking policy, in addition to the renewal of public transport vehicle fleet, are considered by the representatives of the municipality as the main tool to more efficient public space utilization and more attractive ...

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M. Glotz-Richter: Combine restrictions with motivation

Not only cities, but also employers can actively contribute to the support of low-emission and non-motorized modes of transport. What could and should companies do? We have asked Michael Glotz-Richter, the project manager for sustainable mobility in Bremen, Germany, who will together with his colleague Bonnie Fenton attend a UNDP/GEF Sustainable mobility in Bratislava project workshop, held on 25th September 2013.

You dedicate a part of your work to so called mobility management. What does this term include?

Mobility management on corporate level deals ...

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European Mobility Week 2013: Clean air is your choice

The European mobility week takes place every year from 16th to 22nd September. The event focuses on changing the behavior of car users and on strengthening their motivation to use alternative means of transport, particularly public transport and cycling. This year’s motto was “Clean air – your choice.

Why to mention this activity in the BLF Newsletter, which is dedicated to the support of corporate social responsibility? The answer is very simple – companies’ activities can significantly promote the ...

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Competition Green mobility 2013

Enter the competition Green mobility in the city – how do you see it? The main topic of the contest is to portray in drawings or photographs the present and future modes of ecological transport in the city from children and youth’s perspective. The competition is held as a part of the UNDP/GEF project “Sustainable mobility in Bratislava”.

Who can enter?

The competition is open for children and youth from Bratislava, aged 8 to 17: individuals or primary school students, art school ...

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