Bratislava wants to launch new parking rules as soon as possible

Bratislava, 24th September 2013 – The quality of air and lack of parking spaces are problems that trouble the citizens off all major Slovak cities. In Bratislava, where CO2 emissions from cars grow by 5% a year, the situation is more than critical. Introduction of a single parking policy, in addition to the renewal of public transport vehicle fleet, are considered by the representatives of the municipality as the main tool to more efficient public space utilization and more attractive public transport.

These conclusions were presented at a public debate on the upcoming parking policy, which was organized as a part of the European Mobility Week by the Ministry of Environment and the Municipality of Bratislava, in cooperation with the Global Environmental Fund and United Nations Development Programme project Sustainable Mobility in Bratislava.

„Bratislava has been for many years struggling with the lack of parking spaces on streets. Per 1000 city residents, there is 150 cars more than in Vienna. Due to unregulated parking system, these cars accumulate on streets, where they occupy public space and hinder pedestrians. To restore order, we have to regulate the parking in the city.“ opened the discussion Milan Ftáčnik, the Mayor of Bratislava.

Regulation of static traffic is according to Milan Taška, the chairman of Slovak Parking Association, based not only on charging for parking, but especially on making other forms of transportation in the city more attractive. “First, each city has to improve conditions for pedestrians, build the infrastructure for cycling, make public transport more efficient and more attractive, create car-sharing schemes and only then deal with the vehicle itself.”, he said about charging for parking.

Tibor Schlosser, the main traffic engineer for Bratislava, added that the quality of air and traffic depends also from investments into new public transport vehicles with reduced carbon footprint.

Event participants also discussed the new strategy for static traffic. According to new rules, residents will be allowed to park only on reserved and properly marked parking spaces.Parking charges will apply, or parking time will be limited an d parking on pavements will be allowed only in inevitable cases.

City will favor long term parking for people with permanent residence in Bratislava – residents. For parking in their zone of residence, residents will pay 30 EUR per year and for parking in other city districts they will receive a 50% discount. For other motorists, a commercial hourly rate of not more than 2 EUR per one hour of parking on the street will apply. This fee should motivate the drivers or town visitors to leave the car on remote parking lots located on the outskirts of the city and use public modes of transportation to get downtown.
„There is no guarantee that every resident will be able to park in front of their house and for free,” said Igor Dula, advisor on the parking policy. Mayor Milan Ftáčnik pointed out, that “Parking on remote parking places will be free, if the driver provides a ticket from public transport.“

These rules will be introduced in four city boroughs: Staré mesto, Petržalka, Ružinov and Nové mesto.

The City Council will meet in October and will decide on enacting the new parking strategy in the form of general binding regulation. The goal of the Sustainable mobility in Bratislava project if to offer new solutions for transport policy with the vision for Bratislava to become a renowned city with high standard of living. Measures proposed by the project will become the basis for a sustainable urban transportation system. They will provide to passengers a high degree of mobility and accessibility for all modes of transport (car traffic, public transport, cycling and walking).


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